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Intuitive Software

Intuitive Software

We have the tools to add almost any functionality to your site. More importantly, we have the experience to tell you which will offer the best ROI.

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you do not have to.

Our CMS Solution

MagicBox® Content Management System

The MagicBox®The MagicBox® was built with security, integration with your site and vast customization options in mind. Since WEBstationONE created the MagicBox® in house, we can control every aspect of the software from the customizing the look and feel of the administration area to how the content will integrate with your current website.

Type of Content

The MagicBox is built-in based in modules. The most common modules are:

  • Articles Manager
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Membership Management
  • Experts Directory
  • Business Directory
  • Petitions Manager
  • Calendar of Events
  • Classified Ads
  • Advertising
  • Mailing Lists (Management and Mail Delivery)
  • Content Syndication through the ContentBank
  • More...


Unlike open-source software, the MagicBox® has been built having security in mind. When using the MagicBox® your website is secure at both, software and server level.


Our websites using the MagicBox® as Content Management System come integated with a series of features/benefits that will enrich your website, like Social Media Integration, Viral Marketing Tools, etc. while making it easier to maintain


Unlike other programs like Joomla or WordPress, the MagicBox® is integrated for the programs and features that you will require only. New modules/programs can be integrated later upon request. We can also develop new custom programming to be integrated into the MagicBox®. Customization and programming is performed by our team of experts. It has a cost -of course- but after pulling their hair out using open-source "free" software, people has found out our solutions are less expensive though.


E-Commerce SoftwareWEBstationONE utilizes an e-commerce solution that creates a powerful online store to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world that normally takes less than 48 hours to have up and running.

In addition to the great deal of powerful features enabling your business to trade online successfully, we can easily modify the look and feel of the store to match your company's branding or site.

This solution is robust, flexible and affordable.

  • Modular - Add basically any function you could ever want
  • Professionally Security Audited
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Alternate Checkouts (PayPal / Google Checkout)
  • Coupon & Gift Certificates
  • Import new Shipping/Gateway/Affiliate Modules
  • Bulk Upload Product Inventory
  • Multi Currency & Language Support
  • Email Marketing
  • Inventory Stock Control
  • Digital and Tangible Goods Support